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My Charity Boxes Opinion

My Charity Boxes is proud to carry an extensive line of charity and donation boxes at great prices. Fundraising is a very difficult task. Fundraisers and Non-Profit Organizations are constantly looking for new strategies to attract donors. My Charity Boxes has a large selection of collection boxes in all colors and styles, with many custom options available. Our Staff is here to assist you in choosing your donation container and customizing your donation box so that it will catch the attention and inspire people to donate. Please explore our durable tin donation boxes, as well as the heavy duty metal charity boxes. View our large selection of acrylic boxes at great prices, and our paper tube coin collection boxes which are very economical. We also carry wood donation cans and can customize a donation box designed to fit your budget and meet your nonprofits needs. Our donation boxes are also available in wholesale quantities, we make it easy for you to get the fundraising supplies that you need at great prices.

Of course, My Charity Boxes has the largest selection of donation containers and collection boxes in the world, available in a variety of shapes, styles and colors. We are the largest manufacturer of Acrylic Donation Containers and also provide the most exclusive selection of custom donation boxes which we can customize to fit your needs. Our Metal Donation Box are extremely durable for heavy duty use and come with locks to assure your funds are secure. There are standard donation containers and special designs to meet your individual requirements and maximize your fundraising efforts.

Encourage donations to your charity or nonprofit's cause with our attractive donation boxes, collection boxes, and donation cans. They are great for use by fire departments, humane societies, school groups, sports teams or any other group that needs to raise funds for a specific cause.


"I have been purchasing from My Charity Boxes for 2 years and their service is great! Their professional staff always has attractive donation boxes to show me! I love the sealed paper tube donation boxes for they are cheap and I can have my organization's flyer printed on them."

"My Charity Boxes helped me raise a lot of money! In just a few short months after I found them and ordered their coin collection containers, I already raised enough money for my school to pay for new textbooks for an entire class! I recommend all nonprofit organizations who are looking for fundraising ideas to integrate charity boxes as their funds collection program."

"The acrylic charity boxes which I placed in local stores several years ago are still doing the fundraising work for me! I empty them monthly and distribute the charity funds to the needy families on my street. Charity boxes are a great investment for fundraising!"

"Our organization needed large donation containers for display at our fundraising event. My Charity Boxes designed practical boxes that ran along with our theme. And our fundraising event was a success!"

"The best thing I did for my charity was contact My Charity Boxes 6 years ago! They have all kinds of donation boxes which come in every shape and size! Their donation containers are nice and attract donors with their custom designs! Thank you for helping us raise money with your donation boxes!"